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What to Expect When Booking Your Bridal Hair & Makeup

Wedding planning is a lot! And often it's unfamiliar territory. I wanted to write this bog post to outline everything you can expect when booking us for your hair & makeup.

We’ve all been working with brides on their wedding mornings for a long time, and we’ve nailed down a system that keeps things as seamless as possible, and keeps you feeling comfortable and ready to glam come wedding day!

It all starts with your inquiry. Fill out our contact form and let us know what we can do for you! Once we receive it, we will confirm our availability and get back with you to discuss details.

When you’re ready to reserve your date, we will email an invoice for your deposit and out contract for you to complete and return. Your deposit is refundable up to 90 days before the event, and it will go towards your total on the event date. Once we receive these back from you, we’re officially yours for your wedding morning!

Next it’s time to schedule your trial. We recommend planning this at least 1 month before your date, but any time you’d like before that. Some brides like to align scheduling their trial before their engagement photos, bridal shower, or bachelorette event so the look doesn’t go to waste. (Do note though that we cannot typically accommodate trials on Saturdays. Fridays and Sundays are possibilities though!)

For your trial, you’ll want to come prepared with a general idea of what you want to try out. Pictures are worth a thousand words! Even if you don’t find one specific look you love, different aspects of different pictures can also help us consult. We'll try things out - taking extra time to learn what's going to work best with your face and hair. Then we'll take a look together!

We aim to please and we’re confident as artists - you WILL NOT OFFEND US if you have feedback or if you’d like something done differently! So let us know, and we will tweak things until you love it. Then we’ll take some pics for reference! Some brides who want to try out multiple looks may need or want to schedule more than one trial session. Some brides also decide to take an aspect of their look in a different direction come wedding day, and that’s fine too! We’re here to listen and deliver your vision.

When it's time to finalize the schedule for your wedding morning, get in touch and we'll coordinate with you and your photographer to figure out when we will need to have hair and makeup completed by and schedule backwards from there.


The morning of the wedding we’ll check in about hotel room numbers or gate codes or any arrival details we’ll need. We’ll arrive to you 15min prior to the service start time. We’ll need access to outlets, seating, a table or surface for our things, and adequate lighting - so we’ll survey the area for those things and then we’ll get set up. Once it's start time we’ll call over whoever is first! Like your trial, it’s best to have your party members prepared to show us pictures or otherwise describe what look we’re going for.

Payment will be due before we leave on the wedding morning. For everyone's convenience we will have ONE invoice to be paid by cash or card. If your party members are paying for their own service, we recommend using Venmo to have them reimburse you prior to the wedding morning.. Tips can be paid directly to the artist in cash, or added to the invoice at checkout (like a restaurant).

Before we leave, we will do lipstick and other touch ups and ensure everyone’s looking great. This is a great chance to pose for your photographer to grab your hair & makeup action shots as well. We’ll leave you with extra bobby-pins and lip color in a touch up kit to keep you fresh through the night.

Even just writing this gets me excited! We love working with you on your wedding morning SO MUCH and we cannot wait to make you look like the best version of yourself for your big day!



Sam Farese - Cincinnati Hair & Makeup Artist

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