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Do you have a booking minimum?

Any on-location booking with fewer than 4 services will be a flat rate of $350. Bookings with 4 or more services will be priced as listed on the site.

When booking on-location services with us, we will dedicate our entire day to your event. Our booking minimum ensures each artist will be compensated for a full day of work. 

What kind of products do you use?

We use a smorgasbord of high-end products that our artists get the very best performance out of. Every brand has certain products they do very well and some that aren't their best, and every artist has their different mediums they work best with - so we don't like to limit ourselves. We do have standards though. All products used are professional quality, long wearing, waterproof, sweat, and humidity resistant. We try to use the most gentle, skin-friendly and hypoallergenic products, but PLEASE make us aware if you have a known cosmetic allergy so we can accommodate.

What is the booking process like with you? Or just like, the whole process in general? 

Start by contacting us here! We have a blog post here outlining everything you can expect from working with us - from your first inquiry to your big day. 

Do you travel outside of Cincinnati?

Sometimes! Email us and let's discuss details!

Do you only do bridal, or are you available for other events/bookings?

We love bridal, but we love our craft in all forms! We do other event hair & makeup, private classes, parties, personal shopping, and photoshoots of all kinds. Please contact us with your hair & makeup needs and we will make it happen!

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